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In various regions across the United States small competitions (Youth & Mustang Challenges) are being held for youth who are interested in training and competing with a 12-24-month-old Mustang.  These competitions are managed and hosted by approved trainers in our Trainer Incentive Program.  Youth trainers in these programs pick up a Mustang (age 12-24 months old) approximately 90 days before the competition and may compete in the following areas – Conditioning, In-Hand Trail Class, Showmanship, Costume, Freestyle, etc.  Youth and their families are required to adopt their Mustang prior to the start of the competition, but they can reassign the adoption to another individual after the competition. See below for specifics regarding 2016 Youth & Mustang Challenges.

·         Youth trainers compete for prizes and awards

·         Youth trainers receive $200 in reimbursed expenses

2016 Youth & Mustang Challenge Schedule: 

Applications Due Event Date Location Contact  

Trainers Selected

 April 22-23, 2016 Horseshoe Park in Queen Creek, AZ

Randy Helm (602) 448-5019

Trainers Selected April 30, 2016 Sweet Cypress Ranch in Labelle, FL Julia Shock (239) 284-6182    
Trainers Selected May 6-7, 2016 Jacksonville Equestrian Center Center in Jacksonville, FL

Ashley Stevenson (954) 605-0028

Trainers Selected June 17-18, 2016 Davis County Events Center in Farmington, UT Janet Tipton (801) 554-4431 
Trainers Selected July 14-16, 2016 Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, MO

Sue Crane (573) 310-1372   

Trainers Selected August 5-6, 2016 Topsfield Fairgrounds in Topsfield, MA Peter Whitmore (978) 652-2231
Trainers Selected August 20, 2016 Lee S. Jones Arena in Eddyville, KY Dominique Wood (573) 647-1785
Trainers Selected August 25-27, 2016 Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA James Lamb (828) 403-0937
Trainers Selected September 2, 2016 Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA Susan Clogston (425) 489-0710 
August 15, 2016 November 11-12, 2016 Impact of the Horse in Heber, UT

Janet Tipton (801) 554-4431                  





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