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Mustang Trainer Incentive Program guarantees horse trainers money




Follow these easy steps to become an approved Trainer

  1. Make sure you have the appropriate facilities.
  2. Complete the TIP Trainer Application 2016. Click here to download the application. Click here to download the Program Expectations and Requirements.
    • Can't download the form or watch the video below? Call (512)869-3225 to have the application and more information mailed to you.
  3. Mail or Fax your application to the Mustang Heritage Foundation Office.
    • Mail: P.O. Box 979 Georgetown, TX 78627
    • Fax: (512) 869-3229
    • Please allow 2 weeks for application approval process.
    • Watch this short video to learn more about the application and approval process! Click here to watch the video.
  4. Get Approved.
    • Once your application has been approved, you will be notified by phone and mail.
    • Watch this video to learn more about the approval process and what happens next! Click here to watch the video.
  5. Make an appointment with BLM to pick up your Mustang(s).
    • Click here to see a map of the pick-up locations and contact information for the BLM facilities acress the United States.
    • Some BLM offices allow TIP horses to be picked up during satellite adoptions. Click here to see a schedule of BLM satellite adoptions.
  6. Begin the gentling process.
    • Watch this short video to learn more about the gentling process and the TIP program gentling requirements. Click here to watch the video.
    • Gentle your mustang using least resistance training methods. Click here for some examples of least resistance training methods/techniques.
    • Through the TIP program every Mustang shall, at all times, be treated humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion. This is outlined in the MHF Humane Treatment Policy. Click here to read the Mustang Heritage Foundation Humane Treatment Policy.
  7. Find a qualified adopter.
    • Finding an adopter begins with advertising your mustang! We have a program on our site that allows TIP trainers to post videos and information about mustangs currently in training. Click here to preview the program!
    • Click here for other tips on successfully advertising your gentled mustangs.
    • Watch this short video to learn more about what to expect once you have found an adopter. Click here to watch the video.
    • Click here to download the adoption application.
    • Click here to find out where to send the adoption application.
  8. Get Paid!
    • Once the adoption application is sent in to the appropriate BLM office the adoption process has begun and the TIP trainer should soon expect payment once all requirements are fulfilled. Please see the Program Expectations and Requirements above for full details on adoption and payment process.
      New in 2014 *In order to receive payment, trainer must submit to the MHF office the Invoice for TIP Payment form as well as the Training Assessment form. These forms will be available to you upon acceptance into the TIP program.




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